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Introducing Manager/ManagerPlus SE v6…
Manager/ManagerPlus SE is a new technology platform which improves upon Mitchell 1’s existing industry-standard Manager/ManagerPlus v5 software. Through the steady introduction of ground-breaking advancements, Manager/ManagerPlus v5 has for years helped to increase the productivity of thousands of repair shops like yours. The new technology groundwork of Run System Check Manager/ManagerPlus SE will allow Mitchell 1 to continue far into the future with that same tradition of advancement.
What's new in Manager/ManagerPlus SE 6.x
  • Microsoft Windows® 7, 8 and 64-bit operating system compatibility.
  • Server 2012 support – (cannot be a domain controller supporting active directory)
  • SQL 2008 R2 database allowing wireless connectivity.
  • VIN decoding.
  • Integrated credit card processing.
  • Quick access buttons to tab between Management system and ProDemand.
  • Integrated e-mail function for easy e-mailing of estimates, repair orders, and invoices to customers.
  • Custom Shop logo printed on estimates, repair orders, and invoices.
  • WIP (Work in Progress) - Columns are easily sortable, searchable, and can be dragged and dropped into place.
  • WIP (Work in Progress) – Individual cells can be edited on the fly.
  • User definable vehicle notes categories.
  • Repair Order locking to prevent two users from editing the same record at the same time.
  • Online Help system and Training Videos.
  • Mitchell 1 ProPack integration
  • Software Auto-Update module added (as detailed above)
  • Added Membership # field (AAA etc.) to Customer screen and NEW/F6 ‘Start New Order’ screen
  • A visual indicator was added to highlight parts that have been ordered while using Manager Plus; parts which have been ordered are highlighted blue
  • Added date stamp to Revisions; displaying the date the Revision (Sub-Est) was originally created
  • Added Odometer field to each invoice displayed within the History screen
  • Added Unit # (fleets, etc) column with sort/search tools to the Work In Progress (WIP) screen
  • File menu now displays the last 10 orders that were opened instead of the previous 4 orders
  • Time stamp added to Purchase Orders worksheets
  • Updated the MailMerge query output to include more relevant data including email address, phone numbers, membership number, and historical values
  • Added a link to TeamView (tech support remote assistance) from the F1 help page
  • Part item Ref/Invoice # data is preserved when copying & pasting parts from within the SAME order
  • Sorted Batch Payment window by invoice date
  • Company names may now be edited in the Scheduler
  • Recommendations – each now opens with a double-click
Important facts to know about converting to Manager/ManagerPlus SE 6.x
  • Converting to Manager/ManagerPlus SE v6 from Manager v5 (5.7 or above) is an easy automated process, but the database conversion can take some time depending on the size of your existing database and the speed of your computer. The conversion process works in one direction only, it’s not possible to convert a SE v6 database into a v5 database.
  • Manager/ManagerPlus SE is available by rental only. Ownership of the software is not an option as it was with Manager v5.
  • Because of its SQL database, Manager/ManagerPlus SE requires a modern computer running Microsoft Windows SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. Windows 2000 is not supported (Refer to System Requirements).
  • Manager/ManagerPlus SE requires an “always on” internet connection for license extension. High-speed internet is required for integration with, and online parts catalog ordering. Integration with OnDemand5 desktop or disc based parts catalogs is not an option.
Customer responsibilities in upgrade process
  • A customer must make the request to upgrade to Manager SE from Manager v5. Mitchell 1 is not automatically shipping upgrade discs to customers at this time.
  • Before submitting a request to upgrade using the form on this website, a customer should run the system check available on this website. This system check needs to be run on each computer which will run Manager SE. The customer should not attempt to install Manager SE on computers that don’t meet minimum system requirements as the program will not run properly in that case.
  • The customer must recognize that this is a significant software upgrade/installation that may take some time to perform. It is much more involved than the Winners Circle updates for Manager v5 that the customer may be familiar with installing.
  • There are a number of settings that cannot be converted during the installation process due to design differences between the two systems. The customer will have to configure these settings after conversion. These are: setup of user profiles/security, selection of printers for each workstation, and selection of end-of-day reports to be printed.
  • Many shop configuration settings are transferred, however, after installation the customer needs to review the Setup areas of Manager SE, including Shop Data, Standard Tables, and Standard Descriptions to ensure the product is configured as expected.
  • The upgrade process is straightforward when the provided instructions are followed, and customers should be able to perform this process unassisted. However, if technical issues do arise they are likely to require the expertise of Mitchell 1’s specialized technical support staff rather than the local field sales representative. The customer must be willing to work with Mitchell 1’s technical support staff who can provide assistance over the phone and by remotely accessing the customer’s computer through the internet.
  • Manager SE includes connectivity with many new catalogs. These catalogs require setup that involves the cooperative effort of the customer and the catalog provider/parts partner. Mitchell 1 tech support can assist the customer in the setup of the catalogs once the necessary credentials have been obtained from the catalog provider/parts partner.
System Requirements/System Check
    Minimum System Requirements
  • Run our Free System Check Now!
  • Any 32 or 64-bit edition of Microsoft ® Windows® XP SP3*, Windows Vista™ SP3*, Windows® 7 or Windows® 8. Windows Server 2012 may be used as a server if it is not a domain controller.
  • Current Intel® Core2™  processor
  • Four Gigabytes (GB) Random Access Memory (RAM) is required for the computer running the Host/Server software. Two Gigabyte RAM is required for any computer running only the Workstation software.
  • 20 Gigabytes of available hard disk drive space
  • 17” color monitor 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Dual Layer DVD-ROM Drive
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Inkjet printer or Laser Printer (Due to the large variety of printers available we cannot guarantee that every printer will be compatible with our software.)
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Internet Explorer® 6.0 or 7.0. (Note: IE 6.0 will automatically be installed if a supported browser is not present.)
    Optimum System Requirements
  • Any 32 or 64-bit edition of Microsoft ® Windows® XP SP3*, Windows Vista™ SP3*, Windows® 7 or Windows® 8. Windows Server 2012 may be used as a server if it is not a domain controller.
  • Intel® Core2™ Processor or better
  • More than four Gigabytes (GB) Random Access Memory (RAM) is highly recommended on the computer running the Host/Server software in a multi-computer environment. RAM may need to be increased on the Host/Server as the number of connected Workstations increases. Performance may be gained on individual Workstations as the RAM is increased above one Gigabyte.
  • 80 Gigabytes available hard disk drive space
  • 19” color monitor 1280 x 1024 resolution
  • Dual Layer DVD-ROM Drive
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Sound Card and speakers (For training videos)
  • Inkjet or Laser printer (Due to the large variety of printers available we cannot guarantee that every printer will be compatible with our software.)
  • 2 GB USB Thumb Drive, Flash Drive or similar device to store daily database backups
  • A UPS (Un-interruptible Power Supply) is highly recommended.
  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Internet Explorer® 7.0.

Networking Requirements
Network connectivity is required if you will be using your Shop Management system on multiple computers. For network setups with access to the internet, a commercial firewall and antivirus application is highly recommended. We also recommend the services of a professional network administrator in configuring your network environment.

  • Any 32 or 64-bit Edition of Microsoft ® Windows® XP SP3*, Windows Vista™ SP2*, or Windows® 7, Windows Server 2012 may be used as a server if it is not a domain controller.
  • Commercial Grade 100 MB/sec or faster Network Card
  • TCP/IP network protocol
  • Wireless connectivity is supported using 802.11g or faster
  • A computer dedicated to hosting the database should be considered when 5 or more concurrent workstations will be connected. Network Domains are not supported.
*Note: Windows XP and Windows Vista must be Service Pack 3 (SP2) or greater Disclaimer: The minimum requirements listed above apply to the current set of applications. These requirements may not be compatible with future software releases.
# Subject to change.

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